BOTTLEST: The first online experience where you can craft wine from start to finish based on your personal preferences

  • Bottlest helps you learn about wine
  • The wine wheel populates the specific flavors expressed in your customized wine when you adjust preferred levels (Earth vs. Fruit; Oak; Sweetness; Body) with the tool.
  • Bottlest allows you to craft exactly what you want

Create your own personalized wine label

  • The wines you craft with Bottlest are uniquely yours and so are the labels
  • That picture of Dad with his party glasses on? Totally works
  • Use your own photos to personalize each wine label or put your signature touch on a bottle with one of our easy-to-use templates.

Earn points to redeem for more wine!

  • Bottlests have a personal wine Marketplace where they have the option to showcase their customized wines and personalized labels
  • Members can rate and review wines in the Marketplace, giving Bottlest a unique transparency with customer reviews
  • Being involved in the wine community translates into more wine with our generous awards program

BOTTLEST: where Bottlest Members can easily earn points

Our generous credit system is a big benefit for Bottlest Members. Bottlest Members have the opportunity to earn Bottlest points toward more wine in a variety of ways:

  • By steering a Community Member to the Bottlest website (10 points)
  • By steering a Bottlest Member to the Bottlest website (100 points)
  • By reviewing ones own wines after they are crafted or other member wines in the Marketplace (10 points)
  • By connecting to your Facebook and Twitter accounts - which allows you to share your wine creations directly from (10 points)
  • By simply having your wine/s purchased by someone else in the Marketplace (20 points)
  • By purchasing a wine (or wines!), other than your own, in the Marketplace, outside of your regular membership order (15 points)

For every 100 points accrued, Bottlest Members get a bottle for $1. Bottlest bonus!

Member Benefits

Essential Membership

  • Buy wines made by Bottlest Members
  • Rate and review wines in the Marketplace
  • Follow favorite members
  • Support the Bottlest community


Become a Community Member

Bottlest Member

  • Custom craft your wine’s flavors
  • Create personalized labels
  • Rate and review wines in the Marketplace
  • Follow favorite members
  • Earn rewards toward more wine
  • Build a personal wine shop
  • Monthly shipping included


Become a Bottlest Member

Includes 2 personalized bottles of wine
+ Shipping Included

Paid membership allows you to experience the Bottlest process to the fullest. A $39/month membership allows you to craft 2 wines and 2 personalized labels. Includes shipping! Non-paid members are most certainly invited to shop with us but, alas, they aren't able to create their own wine or reap the rewards.