The 'Wine Wall'

Our Automated Wine Dispensing System

Forget about traditional wine tasting. You've never seen anything like this.

At Bottlest, it’s not just what we serve, but how. Simply step up to our 'Wine Wall' and select the wine you’d like to taste.  With a constantly changing selection of 52 wines available, there is always something new to appease any palate.  From Bottlest branded wines to rare vintages from high end local producers, you'll find an unparalleled selection of all the major styles of each varietal.  

Once you decide to start wine tasting, our unique dispensing system pours just the amount you’d like. Take a taste (1 oz.), a full glass (6 oz.), or half glass (3 oz.).

Overwhelmed by the amount of choices?  No problem- our Certified Sommelier and our wine stewards are there to help you find exactly what you'll enjoy most!  Stop by to try out the most unique wine tasting experience in California!

The 'Wine Wall'